Low Stress Care

Low stress for everyone.

Pets are often anxious when coming to the vet. Previous visits have shown them that the clinic is a scary – sometimes painful – place to visit. At West Shore Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to reducing the stress pets feel at the clinic. Our clinic is organized so that pets spend as little time in the waiting area as possible. Our exam rooms are designed to be flexible. We can examine pets on the floor or table. Exam room staff have been trained in low-stress handling techniques. When necessary, for pets struggling with fear and anxiety, we can prescribe medication or use sedation to facilitate exams or treatment. In addition, we have a separate cat-only exam room and kennel for our feline friends.



We’re here to help

General Veterinary Care

Dental Care

Physical & Wellness Exams

Same day appointments available when your pet is sick.

In-House Laboratory Services

For quick results while you’re still in the clinic. (Bloodwork, Stool samples, and urine samples.)

Nutrition & Diet Consultations

Good nutrition is the key to great health. What you feed your pet makes a huge difference in his or her quality of life and longevity.

New Puppy or Kitten Health Kits

Everything you need to ensure your new family member is healthy and protected at an affordable price.

Digital X-Ray

Quick, clear results. We can also email images to specialists.

On-Site Pharmacy

One stop convenience and competitive pricing on prescribed medication.

Senior / Geriatric Pets

We have a soft spot for our senior patients and love seeing them with proper medical and environmental management in their golden years. We also offer thoughtful, compassionate counseling about end-of-life decisions.

Internal Parasites, Flea, & Tick Management

Parasites continue to thrive in the environment and wildlife populations. We can help you select the best option for your pet and family.

Individualized Vaccine Protocols

Not all pets need every vaccine. Vaccines are recommended based on environment and lifestyle.


Routine procedures to more in-depth life-saving procedures. We use the safest anesthesia, pain management, and patient monitor. We use a warm-air blanket during surgery to keep the patient warm and comfortable.

Just a call away

We treat your pets like family.